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WHO HURT YOU?! (Monday, March 1st at 9PM EST)

WHO HURT YOU?! (Monday, March 1st at 9PM EST)

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This show is labeled as R-rated and only appropriate for those 18+. Please contact support@bonfirealive.com if you have any questions or concerns.

Bonfire starts on Monday, March 1st from 9:00PM to 10:00PM Eastern / 6:00PM to 7:00PM Pacific.

Lee Lan and Chris Shurr are two NYC based comedians. They're good friends who bonded over comedy, a few joints, and trauma! Yes, TRAUMA! Somehow they realized the stereotype of how comedians are broken people are somewhat true, and channeling out all the emotions through comedy seems like a very fun idea. Even tho stand up comedians are already doing that, but why don't we just have a comedy show to specifically talk about the pain, the trauma, and get some laugh out it? Maybe even therapeutic! So please, join us for another "WHO HURT YOU?!" on Monday evening!

Hosted by: Lee Lan and Chris Shurr


Christiana Jackson: Christiana Jackson has great energy, she's invincible on stage and you just can't help but get affected by her radiant energy! She was seen on BRAVO and CAB.

Julia Jeffriez: Julia is one of the coolest comedians in NYC comedy scene. Comedians always jokes about how Julia is better than the rest cuz they're married. And tbh it's not wrong. Julia is also the co-host of the monthly drag + comedy show called WERK NIGHT.

Espi Rivadereira: Espi is featured on BBC Reel, and seen in the "New Yorker". She's also the producers and host of weekly show "Stand & Deliver" and "Bootleg Therapy".

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