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❤Cassandra May Lorance's Heart and Soul-Opening Music Hour❤ (Monday, March 1st at 8PM EST)

❤Cassandra May Lorance's Heart and Soul-Opening Music Hour❤ (Monday, March 1st at 8PM EST)

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Bonfire with Cassandra May Lorance starts on Monday, March 1st from 8:00PM to 9:00PM Eastern / 5:00PM to 6:00PM Pacific.


Cassandra May Lorance will be singing her original songs Boy Ill Make you Feel Like a Man, Eyes In The Dark, Take Out The Trash, Be Here Now, Blood Red, and Coffee Talks and Lovely Walks. She'll be covering Home To You (Sigrid) and Young and Beautiful (Lana Del Rey). Bring your heart and soul for some heart opening and frequency healing!

Cassandra May LoranceCassandra May Lorance is a strong, independent, determined, passionate woman of wonder. Her heart is as big as the fire in her soul. She's overcome a lot of pain and hardships in her life. 
  She was born in Massachusetts and raised in the small town of Fort Worth, Texas. She grew up in a family of seven. Being the middle child taught her how to be independent.

  Cassandra wrote her first song on the piano (not knowing how to play), with lyrics, at the age of 6 years old. Music and art have always been her biggest passions.

   She started singing in the internationally known Texas Girls Choir at age 9. She played percussion all through school and was one of the only female drummers in the drumline. 

  As an adult, Cassandra waited tables while in pursuit of her other passion and dream, owning her salon. She got her first salon job in 2011. 

  Then, after her father had a heart attack on Christmas Day in 2012, and passed away shortly after, on 1/11/2013, Cassandra realized how short life truly was. 

  To fulfill her dream and make her father proud, on September 28th, 2013 she decided to open up her salon from the ground up.
    She had her own upscale business named Salon Amore' at age 24. However, she always had music in her heart as her first passion. 

  After getting back in touch with her inner child in 2016 through a program called Pathways, she started lead singing in her former band...

  For almost 2 years she sang at open mics, working on her craft. In 2019 she began traveling back and forth between Atlanta and Fort Worth. She was running her salon business and keeping up with her band in Fort Worth, whilst traveling to Atlanta to spend time with her best friend/muse.

   Atlanta offered the seclusion she needed for song and poetry writing. It also inspired her to take piano lessons to compose her original songs on her Capen piano, named Francesca, which had been gifted to her that same year. 
  On September 29th, 2019, after 6 years as an entrepreneur, she decided to simplify her life and closed down Salon Amore' to pursue her singing/songwriting dreams in Atlanta, Georgia.
  Since then she was able to compose 3 original songs and by March 2020 Cassandra had her first paid gig as a solo artist with SoFar Sounds in Atlanta, GA! 

   At that time she had Mason Margot play piano for her while she sang. Because she wasn't quite comfortable playing piano and singing at the same time...She had only taken a few months of piano lessons in the spring of 2019.

  In that same month of her first gig, the Lockdown/plandemic hit the world.

  Keeping artists from performing live at venues.Which was pretty heartbreaking for her considering she had just moved her entire life to Atlanta, GA in pursuit of being a full-time musician,  and gave up her former business Salon Amore'.

However, Cassandra was not discouraged and didn't give up!

  Cassandra was able to compose 3 more original songs for a total of 6 and become fluid at playing piano and singing at the same time. Whilst having live performances online she was able to still sing for her tribe, make her heart happy and earn some money.

  She dropped her first acoustic "Rough Draft" sample album
   Eyes In The Dark on SoundCloud 11/11/2020.  

  Cassandra's mastered acoustic single Boy Ill Make you Feel Like a Man is released on 2/22/2021 on all platforms. 

 Cassandra hopes to heal people's hearts with her music, diminish what divides us as humans and bring us together as one. 


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