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curated Virtual Bonfires

Book us for your next virtual holiday party, corporate event, happy hour, family reunion and more! We develop curated virtual bonfires that feature local artists across music and comedy in order to connect colleagues/students/friends during these challenging times with a live performance.

Bonfire Show Structure Options

Three artists are recommended for a 60-minute show in order to maximize for diversity, engagement and set durations.  

Stand-Up Comedy

Our comics have performed at world-class venues such as the Laugh Factory & Comedy Cellar, Comedy Central, MTV, & more…

Virtual Concert

We have a diversified range of musicians who have performed on American Idol, The Voice, Britain’s Got Talent and more!

Customized Bonfire

Select 3 artists from a diverse world-class comics and musicians and customize the Bonfire with a theme!

Selected Corporate Clients


Contact us to learn more! 

Schedule time with a Bonfire team member to plan your bonfire.

How It Works


We will curate the show based on your preferences and requirements (themes, types of artists) and deliver an unforgettable experience leveraging our 600+ artist network. We will curate the perfect lineup for your show from our diverse artist community! 


We take care of developing the marketing materials for the event and any event communications sent to attendees. Our team will curate all the materials to fit the vibe and theme of your event!  


We meet with each artist before the show to test their equipment and make sure they feel comfortable with the technology / platform! 


Show time! Each bonfire is equipped with a Bonfire Host to serve as the MC and moderate / facilitate your entire virtual show! 

Customer Stories

Hear from happy Bonfire customers about their successful virtual events!

Frequently Asked Questions

Please reach out to support@bonfirealive.com if you have any other questions!  

How do you determine pricing?

Our packages are based on your estimated number of attendees. However, pricing is flexible and we can can work to match your budget! 

What platform do you use for the shows?

We're flexible! We can accomodate the technology platform that your company uses in their day-to-day. 

How do you determine which artists to book?

We will partner with you to book a lineup of artists that will be the best fit for your event. 

Where do the artists stream from?

The artists stream from their personal houses or external venues if they choose to! 

What if I want to organize a show that is longer than 60 minutes?

We'd be happy to organize that for you! Email our team at support@bonfirealive.com to set-up a time to chat.  

What's the lead time required to book a show?

Our team needs 2-3 weeks once the event has been finalized to book artists, develop materials and conduct soundchecks.