100% of all ticket sales and tips to artists!

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Our Inspiration

Physically Apart, Emotionally Together. As bars and theaters have shut down due to the pandemic, many of our local artists are under extremely financial stress. We decided to do something about it by creating Bonfire-Live - a virtual streaming platform dedicated to supporting the local artists.

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Our Mission

Together. We. Thrive. In the current climate, our community needs the artist and the artists need the community, more than ever. We hope to do bring them together by providing an assortment of entertainment and dedicating 100% of ticket sales / tips directly to our artists.

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Our Vision

Start the fire, we are doing a bonfire. Bonfires symbolize simpler times, away from distractions with the sole focus on enjoying the music/time spent with the attendees. We want to bring the same comfort virtually in these challenging times.

How it works


Choose from a roster of events from your local community performers. Have access to events, any day of the week.


Select the event you like, and we will email you an exclusive sign-in link for the event.


100% of the ticket sales and any tips go directly to the local artist hosting the selected event.

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