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Stuck at Home? Here are 5 different ways to brighten your quarantine


A lot of us know how easy it is to fall into a trap in quarantine. We feel stuck and locked away from the outside world as the cabin fever kicks in. It becomes hard to find an escape from reality. And if you're anything like our cofounder Pahel Makhija, you probably binge-watch shows you already know the ending to, like ‘The Office.’ (Hi Pahel!)

Bottom line, we all need refreshing ways to overcome the coronavirus blues. While no specific combination of our COVID-19 clap-back methods guarantees you a backstage pass to Coachella, they still help you conquer your quarantine. Here's how the Bonfire-Live family recommends making the most of your time at home.

1. Explore New Releases in Music & Art


There's a reason why so many people say the arts are life: They are proven to help balance your mood and increase your self-awareness. And in tough times, it helps to find an easily accessible outlet that brings positivity on demand. Since numerous live venues have shut down, local creatives are putting out new content and expanding their digital presence. From new albums on streaming services to recent additions at local online art galleries, we still have plenty of options when exploring creative projects from our communities. So if you remember a local artist or entertainer from a live show or event in your area, look them up and show some love for their hard work. 

2. Reflect with Gratitude Journaling


As life slows down in quarantine, it helps to remember what's worth your appreciation. By writing down what you're grateful for, your attitude becomes more positive, and your stress levels decrease. Plus, your physical health and sleep patterns improve with gratitude journaling, making this method even more effective than Ajinkya Dedge's comedy routines. However, they’ll still complement your gratitude journaling efforts with ease.

3. Donate to Funds Helping Creatives


Along with discovering their new content, there's more we can do to help artists. Nonprofits are currently raising donations for creatives who are losing income due to the COVID-19 crisis. Funds like Comedy Gives Back, the Foundation of Contemporary Arts Artist Relief Fund, and the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund are going above and beyond to change the lives of artists and entertainers. No minimum donation is required for these three — any kind of support helps. If you're interested in supporting other funds, here’s a list of other organizations supporting creatives during this difficult time.

4. Support Local Businesses


Local this, local that. We get it — we're not the first to tell you to support local businesses during this epidemic. Yet that's not going to stop us from advocating for nearby brick-and-mortar establishments that make our cities even better. Nearly half of small businesses in the U.S. believe they may not survive in the next three months, meaning they could be forced to close. And with jobs on the line, this means you can still be a local hero for doing something as simple as buying a cheeseburger. Or if you're like us, a new vinyl box set. Either way, go for it!

5. Call Your Loved Ones


We know...we sound like your Mom at Christmas saying you should call your family more. But with the world facing apocalyptic times, Mom's or Dad's advice may not be such a bad idea. Calling our family and friends leaves a positive effect on us. Our confidence goes up, our stress and grief go down, and we get the chance to find a sense of community when it's hard to have one. So please, call Mom, or whoever puts a smile on your face. 

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